Cookies are small files which are stored on the user’s internet browsing device (e.g. computer, tablet or phone) for the purpose of facilitating their browsing experience. Cookies do not retain the user's personal details or information.

What type of cookies does the Argyor website use?

Argyor's website uses session cookies and persistent cookies which operate from the moment the user logs on to the site until the moment the user logs off at which point the session cookies are deleted whilst the persistent cookies are not.

Technical Cookies allow the user to browse the Argyor website, and operate different options and services thereon.

Analysis Cookies collect anonymous data about visitors. Argyor uses the data to improve our users' future experience and identify issues that our users may be experiencing.

Personalised Cookies customise the look and appearance of our site. For example, a personalised cookie will remember the user's username and language preferences upon their next visit.

Publicity Cookies deliver advertisements which are tailored to the user’s web activity. A targeting cookie tracks what the user clicks on whilst on our site, and may share details of what the user clicks on with other organisations.

Third party cookies may be used on our website by approved organisations to provide services on our website.

In accessing the Argyor website the user expressly accepts the handling of the information received therefrom and also understands that he/she has the right to disable the cookies function on the website by way of amendment of their browser settings.

If the user disables or deletes cookies they he/she may not be able to shop or access important parts of our site. Further information on cookies, including instructions on how to amend the user’s browser settings to turn off cookies, is available online.

If you have any doubts regarding our cookies policy then please contact us at ARGYOR, S.A. by email at